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My articles & talks on US politics & international affairs

The 20-Year Story of One Afghan’s Journey – March 2022

What Was Putin Thinking? Even if he succeeds in toppling Ukraine’s government, Vladimir Putin has already lost – March 2022

Fauci Pushes Boosters but Says Focus Is Still on Vaccinating the Unvaccinated – November 2021

The Banality of Conventional Wisdom: Despite sagging poll numbers and soaring inflation, it’s worth questioning the prevailing narrative that the sky is falling on the White House – November 2021

The Manchema Mess: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are dictating the Democratic Party’s agenda. Is it fair? No. Is there anything Democrats can do about it? Not really.– October 2021

A Tragedy on All Fronts: American Hubris, Afghan Corruption Contributed to the Country’s Stunning, but Not Entirely Surprising, Downfall — And Now Ordinary Afghans Will Pay the Price– August 2021

“The Bill Comes Due: Will There Be Repercussions for Trump and His Acolytes for Trying to Steal an Election?” – February 2021

Global Education Conference (moderator) – December 2020

Sinam Mohamad Pushes U.S. Not to Abandon Her Fellow Kurds” – September 2020

Crisis Manager: Canada’s New Envoy Confronts Pandemic, Protest and Protectionism” – July 2020

Australia’s Boiling Point: Catastrophic Wildfires Leave Lasting Scars, and Lessons, on the Continent” – April 2020

Michèle Flournoy, one of the highest-ranking women to serve in the Pentagon, talks about what keeps her up at night – April 2020

As Coronavirus Spread, State Department Evacuated Over 100,000 Americans” – June 2020

Academics Say U.S. Interventions to Force Regime Change Often Fail” – May 2020

VIDEO : Ambassador Insider Series – Women in Diplomacy

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DC Insider Goes Local
My coverage of culture & living in the nation’s capital

Turkish Coffee Lady Brings Caffeine and Culture to Old Town Alexandria” – February 2022

George Mason University Celebrates 50th Anniversary by Looking to the Future” – January 2022

‘Flight’ Takes Viewers on an Unforgettable Journey, Grounded in a Harsh Reality – December 2021

Meridian Brings the Magic Back — Safely — for 53rd Ball” – November 2021

Johnny Artis, Staple of the DC Music Scene, Dies of COVID-19 Complications” – November 2021

DC Skateboarder Finds a Souvenir from His Icon, Tony Hawk” – November 2021

Spirited Excursions: Savor the Season by Checking Out the Area’s Many Wineries– November 2021

West Virginia Governor Would Welcome Western Maryland Counties with ‘Open Arms’” – October 2021

In Maryland, 2 Separate Redistricting Commissions Look to Redraw the Legislative Map – October 2021

Statue of Liberty’s ‘Little Sister’ Comes to DC to Celebrate US-France ties” – July 2021

AU Marks 60 Years of Peace Corps with Intimate Stories and Memories” – April 2021

Fauci Talks About His Italian-American Heritage at NIAF Gala” – December 2020

Long Before Trump’s ‘Fake News’, Artists Stretched the Truth” – October 2020

Ambassadors Ball Goes Virtual to Raise Funds to Fight MS” – October 2020

Capricia Marshall’s New Book Makes Case for Enduring Power of Protocol” – July 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Transforms Holiday Etiquette” – October 2020

Strathmore Creates Digital Monuments to Influential Local Artists” – October 2020

GALA Hispanic Theatre Faces the Pandemic on Both Personal and Professional Level” – April 2020

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Useless thought of the day: Wind chimes are creepy.

What in the World Is Going On?

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Give Biden a break

It’s time for everyone, the media included, to understand the limits of an American presidency.

D.C. Déjà Vu: Politics and Parties

What’s that in the air? Cicadas? Yes — that’s them making a kamikaze dive bomb toward your car. Humidity? Yes — remember, D.C. is a literal swamp. Political maneuvering and recriminations on the Hill? A given. But on a brighter note, D.C. is emerging from its pandemic hibernation and enjoying a renewed sense of normalcy.


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Gustave Flaubert

Photos from my travels around the world!


Washingtonians may work hard, but they also play hard. Here are some of the city’s mainstays and a few of its secrets:

*We know museums, restaurants, shops and essentially the world are closed for now because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we’re also optimistic we can overcome this crisis and return to our lives, so hopefully this guide offers some helpful inspiration for rediscovering the joys of life.


As longtime managing editor of the respected The Washington Diplomat newspaper, my mission has been to give readers a clear-eyed view of U.S. politics, foreign policy and world affairs that goes beyond the Beltway noise to help people understand what matters and why.

Along with this big-picture breakdown of the news, we uncover the wealth of local gems, from exhibitions to dining to galas, that make D.C. a truly global capital of culture. These are crazy times. It seems like Washington — and the entire world — have been turned upside down. I’ll explore both inside and out to help you make sense of it all.

June 2023