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April 17, 2020:

Harvard Researchers Say Some Social Distancing May Be Needed Into 2022” (Bloomberg)

CDC, FEMA have created a plan to reopen America. Here’s what it says.” (The Washington Post)

Coronavirus-Afflicted Global Economy Is Almost Certainly in Recession” (Wall Street Journal)

Governors team up to discuss reopening their states. Trump asserts ‘total’ authority to overrule them.” (The New York Times)

‘Our Country’s Future Hangs on This Election.’ Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden in Impassioned Video Message” (Time)

China’s bid to repair its coronavirus-hit image is backfiring in the West” (The Washington Post)

Aides expect Schumer, Mnuchin to reach deal on coronavirus relief” (The Hill)

Democracy around the world is down but not out. Test case: Brazil” (The Christian Science Monitor)

South Korea Holds World’s First National Coronavirus Election” (Foreign Policy)

South Korea reports more recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again” (Reuters)

Netanyahu, Gantz Granted Two Extra Days for Unity Talks After Late-night Meeting” (Haaretz)

Trump 2020 plan: Hit Biden as “soft” on China” (Axios)

Trump halts funding to World Health Organization” (Politico)

The World Health Organization and Pandemic Politics” (Council on Foreign Relations)

Merkel’s party likely to delay leadership vote until December: CDU chief” (Reuters)

Trump’s name to appear on coronavirus stimulus checks sent to Americans” (Fox News)

Virus becomes latest battle between Iran, US amid tensions” (Associated Press)

Senate Republicans plan coronavirus probe — with a focus on China” (Politico)

Coronavirus democracy: Leaders in Hungary, Peru, Bolivia gain powers” (The Washington Post)

April 13, 2020:

A Make-or-Break Test for American Diplomacy” (The Atlantic)

Former Fox execs charged in bribery scheme for World Cup rights” (Axios)

Global pact to contain oil price crash takes shape” (Associated Press)

Iceland’s ‘Test Everyone’ Goal Has Skeptics, but It May Be Working” (The New York Times)

Biden Likely to Embrace Some of Sanders’s Foreign-Policy Ideas, Especially After the Pandemic” (Foreign Policy)

ICU doctors already know how to get covid-19 patients off ventilators faster” (The Washington Post)

Worldwide deaths from the coronavirus hit 100,000” (Associated Press)

Exclusive: Inside Trump’s standoff with South Korea over defense costs” (Reuters)

Health officials bearish on Trump’s drive to reopen economy by May” (Politico)

Trump says country ‘near the peak’ of coronavirus outbreak, death toll should be under 100,000” (Fox News)

Summer Heat May Not Diminish Coronavirus Strength” (The New York Times)

U.S. Congress in talks on coronavirus small business aid after partisan clash” (Reuters)

April 9, 2020:
Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaign” (Politico)

Americans say officials in Peru doused them in bleach after holding them in forced quarantine” (The Washington Post)

Mnuchin, Schumer in talks to strike short-term relief deal” (The Hill)

Saudi Arabia, battered by virus, declared a cease-fire in Yemen” (The New York Times)

Countries start thinking about easing up on restrictions” (Associated Press)

Coronavirus crisis could plunge half a billion people into poverty: Oxfam” (Reuters)

A Conversation with U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams” (Center for Strategic and International Studies)

Kushner’s Team Seeks National Coronavirus Surveillance System” (Politico)

Taliban break off talks with Afghan government on prisoner exchange” (Reuters)

Global Lockdowns Resulting In ‘Horrifying Surge’ In Domestic Violence, U.N. Warns” (NPR)

April 7, 2020:
With Demand Soaring, Congress Weighs Adding $250 Billion in Small-Business Aid” (New York Times)

Navarro memos warning of mass coronavirus death circulated in January” (Axios)

Why Trump Is So Worried About Low Oil Prices—And Why He Should Be” (Time)

Trump slams ‘China-centric’ WHO, says agency ‘called every shot wrong’ in coronavirus pandemic” (Fox News)

Who gets a shot at life if hospitals run short of ventilators?” (The Washington Post)

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